What We Do

Here at Bundle, we believe that people deserve the truth about the places where we spend our money every day. Whether it's a restaurant, department store, or dry cleaner, Bundle helps you find out how good a place is before you go there. We believe that businesses should be rated by real data -- not just by people's subjective opinions.

We use anonymous, aggregated spending data to rate businesses based on factors such as how often people go back, how many people go there and how much people actually spend. Using this data, we can learn a lot about whether a place is good, and further, whether a place is good for you.

We believe this method of rating (combined with people's subjective opinions) allows us to make smarter decisions in the following ways:

  • Bundle ratings remove bias and false reviews because they're based on actual spending information. In essence, people are voting with their wallets.
  • Bundle cuts through the noise and save you time. You will not have to sift through 55 reviews to see if a place is any good.
  • Bundle strongly believes that you should have total price transparency, and we show you how much other people have spent at a business on average.
  • Bundle recognizes that a particular business, no matter its ranking, may not be for everyone. For example, even though the overall rating of a restaurant may be 3 stars, it may be 5 stars for people 18-25 years old, and therefore just right for a college student or young adult.

We hope you enjoy using Bundle!

- The Bundle Team