So, who are you guys anyway?

Bundle is a small New York based company focused on helping people spend and save better. We are made up of a team of data scientists, engineers, former bankers and technologists who all believe in the Bundle mission.

You feature a lot of data on Bundle. Where does it come from?

With a team of experienced statisticians and data junkies, we've compiled, tagged and sorted data from a (still-expanding) collection of sources. Our data comes from the U.S. government, from anonymous and aggregated spending transactions, and from third party data providers. We are always looking for new data sources that could benefit people. If you know of any that our users may find helpful, feel free to share them on our site or send the data source to data@bundle.com.

We're proud to make all of this information available to anyone who visits the site. It's a fundamental part of the Bundle philosophy that people can become more aware of their everyday spending and saving choices. And it's our way of leveling the playing field for people: companies have been paying millions of dollars for this kind of data for years in order to get you to buy more stuff. Now you can see it, too, and it won't cost you anything.

How is Bundle different from other websites that provide information on merchants in my area?

Other websites focus on user reviews and ratings, which are valuable, but users are almost always biased in some way.

The information we provide is based on real customer spending data, which means that we can determine how much customers really go back to a certain restaurant or shop and how much they really spend, as opposed to what they self-report in a review.

How is the Bundle score calculated?

Our scores are a scientific analysis of customer spending behavior using a statistical sample of actual credit card transactions. We then examine a variety of factors to determine the merchant score including popularity (unique customer visits), loyalty (repeat visits by unique customers) and other behaviors as compared to similar merchants in the area.

How are merchant rankings calculated?

Merchant rankings are calculated based on the Bundle Scores of the merchants, within a specific merchant category and location.

How do I update my merchant contact information on your site?

Please note that Bundle uses the most recent publicly available listing information for merchants as provided by a number of third parties including Localeze and Factual.

If you believe such data may be out of date or is incorrect, we recommend you contact these business listing vendors directly to ensure they have your most recent information for distribution to other sites.

Why can't I find the merchant I'm searching for?

We're aiming to list every merchant in the areas we cover, but not every merchant in the US is on our site. If you own a business that is not appearing on our site, please be patient with us as we gather more data to properly analyze and list your business.

How can I check out Bundle on my mobile device?

We currently have a mobile web version of our application that you find by visiting www.bundle.com on your mobile device.

I'm having a problem with something not answered in the questions above. What do I do?

Sorry to hear that. You can email support@bundle.com and we'll get things sorted out.