You don't have to do laundry anymore (if you're willing to pay)

Last week we told you about Zaarly, the new site that lets you say what you want or what you've got, and trade that good or service with your neighbor, for dollars. Another site runs on a similar premise, but this one is limited to tasks that you don't want to do, and the people you'll pay to do them are checked and vetted.

Get anything with Zaarly

With TaskRabbit, you describe what you need done and what you're willing to pay for it, and then the site sends one of it's vetted errand-runners (or, TaskRabbits) to do the task for you. You pay them through the site only when the task has been completed!

Because the site screens the TaskRabbits and provides a payment option through the site, it's a bit more secure-feeling, if a bit less fun and social. The good news is that anyone can apply to be a TaskRabbit; those selected must submit to a background check and then can begin completing tasks! FastCo estimated that a very busy TaskRabbit could make up to $15,000 per year!

Would you hire out your errands to strangers? What about pick up a stranger's dry cleaning for them (and a fee)?

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