BundleHQ Tweets

Photo by Twitter.com

We had a lively week of new articles and Twitter activity at Bundle.com.  We explored the dining and grocery shopping habits of Mac vs. PC users (who would have guessed that PC users are so into Indian food?), we concluded that people who need their daily coffee fix are overwhelmingly loyal to their favorite chain coffee spot, and we named the coffee shops in the US with the highest Bundle scores (including Urth Caffe with a perfect Bundle score of 100).

We also had fun chatting with the Bundle audience and meeting new people on Twitter this week.  Here’s a round up of some of our favorite @messages from our @BundleHQ Twitter feed:

Amber Michele @divamber
@BundleHQ thanks for the follow. I'll make sure to use your services visiting home #NYC next week!

Receptivity Group @receptivitygrp
Analysis from @BundleHQ says #Mac users are more fashionable than #PC users. Let the debate begin.

Felix and Norton @felixandnorton
Love coffee? Are you more loyal to indie coffee shops or chains? @bundlehq did some research

Matt Molinari @matt_molinari
Loyalty & Starbucks via @bundleHQ not sure if it's loyalty or the convenience of having Starbucks every block #unrbrand

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising @fidmsf
Who is more fashionable - Mac or PC users? Find out in this infographic by @BundleHQ

Wine Vault @winevaultmiami
Get the real story on where to shop and dine based on their exclusive data @BundleHQ

On giveaways:

Victoria Selfridge @VSelfridge1
@BundleHQ I can always use t-shirts (for working out, etc.) - coffee mugs are good (but you have to ship?) - RedBox movie codes?

Want to make next week’s round-up?  Follow us on Twitter and send us @messages!  We hope you have a great weekend!  If you’re looking to get a new haircut and your favorite pro is booked or you want to try a new cuisine this weekend and need a place to try, be sure to look up Bundle scores so you know you’re headed somewhere where their customers love them and keep coming back.  (We call it ‘Bundling before you buy’)