The True Cost of Dating


Photo by thurlbut

According to online dating site, single men in Denver shell out an average of $221 on a first date, compared to $197 in Seattle and $145 in New York City. Book of Odds estimates that an average first date costs around $250, factoring in time and opportunity costs.

Why so much?

Dinner, drinks, parking, and movie tickets can add up quickly. Tack on babysitting costs (if you’re dating as a single parent) and membership fees for an online dating site or two, and you’ve sunk some major money into meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. Of course, the numbers mentioned above don’t include the primping often undertaken by women, such as a getting new outfit, a haircut, or an eyebrow shaping. If you're getting ready for date night, feel confident with the best cosmetics. chatted with Emma Merkas, founder of $30 Date Night, for suggestions on cutting the costs of going on a date. Click to the next slide to find out more.