Suing for love: Six cases of expensive heartbreak


In 1991, country singer Bonnie Raitt recorded a song called "I can't make you love me" that has since become a popular breakup song for the brokenhearted. Musician Mike Reid wrote the song for Raitt after he read an article about a man who, according to author Toby Croswell, got drunk and shot up his girlfriend's car. When a judge asked him if he had learned anything from the incident, the man replied, "I learned, your Honor, that you can't make a woman love you if she don't."

But, apparently, you can sue — and people have. They sue for "intentional infliction of emotional distress." They sue for adultery (legal speak: "criminal conversation"), and they sue the person who has gotten in the way of a relationship (legal speak: "alienation of affections"). Here are six stories of people who have sued for love and what they got (it's a lot!).

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