Shop Organic Without Spending a Bundle


Photo by mappermontag

Buying organic food might be good for your health, but it’s not always so good for your wallet. Fortunately, we’ve uncovered strategies for buying organic produce and other organic items without breaking the bank. Amy McCoy, author of Poor Girl Gourmet, and Gary Foreman, editor of The Dollar Stretcher, offered the following tips.

1. Buy in season

Thanks to supply and demand, produce that is in season will cost less than other times of the year. McCoy knows a farmer who does a second planting of zucchini after most farmers have harvested their zucchini crop. Because zucchini is so scarce in the fall, he can practically name his own price, which gets passed onto consumers. The other benefit of buying in season is the produce is fresher and more flavorful. “Try not to buy tomatoes in the middle of the winter,” says McCoy. “They’re going to be expensive and they’re not going to have as much taste, but butternut squash will be cheaper in the winter and fall than the summer.” Find the best deals on produce in your area.