My confession: I'm a feminist — about everything except the check

I love it when men pay for things. I'd never admit this to my friends — or the guys I date, for that matter. Everyone knows I'm a feminist. I'm not at ALL into macho dudes. The guys I date usually wear tighter pants than I do, if that means anything to you. But I secretly like it when a man reaches for his wallet. Sure, I always reach for mine too, but I always hope he'll insist on paying.

Most of my female friends say they feel weird when they go out with a guy and he pays. Because of the kinds of friends I have and values we (supposedly) share, I play along. But the truth is, I don't feel weird at all. If it's a bad date, the free meal feels like a consolation prize. And if I buy a round of drinks, I've got no problem at all letting him pay for the rest.

It doesn't necessarily stop at meals and cocktails. Recently, I was hanging out with a man with excellent taste, and he told me he once bought a woman a $600 bag. I tried hard to believe that I would never let someone do that for me. But after some soul searching, I had to admit that as long as he could afford it, I'd totally let him.

I'm a generous person. I buy great birthday presents. I bring all sorts of treats when friends invite me for dinner. I pay for gas when someone gives me a ride. I feel like I'm carrying my own weight — and on a pretty small budget, too. So when I'm out with a guy I don't know all that well, I kind of feel like it's my turn to get something for free. but I've got an image to keep up, so I would never, ever tell.

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