My Confession: I make money returning items I didn’t buy at full price

I have a terrible habit of returning items I have no right to return. These purchases tend to be things I bought, used, and then either broke or decided I didn't like. Sometimes I’ll even buy things secondhand and then return them for full price.

For example, that swimsuit I wore to the beach once and then decided I hated? Returned. That DVD player I broke after a year of hard use? Returned that, too. When my baby's crib was recalled, I exchanged it for a brand new crib — even though I had purchased the original one second-hand from a thrift store.

Last year, I did all my Christmas shopping with money I earned by returning over $200 worth of printer ink cartridges (unopened) that came with a computer I bought on Craigslist. I actually made a $10 profit on that computer purchase—without selling the computer itself.

I know returning used items is against store policy and possibly a bit dishonest...but I have no doubt I'll continue to take full advantage of return policies whenever the opportunity arises. Especially if I can make a profit or get a replacement upgrade for free.

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