The Most Golf-Crazy Cities in America

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Golf is a sport for fanatics – if you play the game, you likely live, breathe and sleep it. And though it has a uniquely passionate fanbase, it doesn’t come cheap. The past two decades saw a significant boom in high-end golf courses, but nowadays, people aren’t willing to break the bank on an exclusive, members-only golf course, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Here at Bundle wanted to find out who, despite the staggering economy, is still spending their hard-earned money on this luxurious sport. To do so, we examined all households which had a credit card transaction at country clubs or golf club vendors and translated that data into spend per capita. As expected, sunny and warm cities account for the majority of the Golf-Crazy cities that made our list. Looking to play at the most beautiful courses near you? Find them here.

Did your city make the cut? Find out below!

With more than six million golfers, the Lone Star State is a golf haven. Texas cities have the highest golf spenders and most active golf population – Fort Worth and Plano have the most golfers and highest golf spend, respectively. Golf Digest also ranked Fort Worth as the best city to play golf in the country, according to climate, cost, amount of public courses, quality of public courses, and accessibility. Plano, one of the most expensive cities in the country, is unsurprisingly a big golf-spending city, spending 170 percent above the national average.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, most golf-crazy cities are located in the southern half of the country, where space is plentiful, sunny days are frequent, and warm weather is the norm. Find the best of all things golf here.

Scottsdale, AZ is the second most golf-populous city in the country, and with good reason. Jim Flick, co-founder of Nicklaus/Flick Game Improvement, was voted one of the ten best golf instructors of the 20th century by Golf World and puts Scottsdale on a high pedestal when it comes to a good golf game. He says the courses are well designed and in excellent condition. Scottsdale isn’t the only notable Arizonia city when it comes to good golfing – Mesa and Tucson came in at numbers nine and ten on our highest-spending golf cities list.  

Charlotte, NC and Dallas, TX ranked third and fourth for cities with the most golfers, but the prices in these two cities vary greatly. If you’re looking to play plenty of beautiful courses on a budget, head to Charlotte. Spending seven percent below the national average on golf, Charlotte is an ideal city for frugal golf players. Dallas, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, spending 94 percent above the national average. Expect a hefty price tag if you're jetting to this sunny southern metropolis to swing some clubs.

Bakersfield, CA, a wealthy Californian city, came in at number two for cities that spend the most on golf. Just down the line at number five is Orange County's Santa Ana, CA. However, the drop in golf spend in significant from #2 to #5: Bakersfield spends 170 percent above average, and Santa Ana spends 87 percent above average, which is nearly half of what Bakersfield shells out on the sport.

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