Infographic: Food spending by age group, income and household

For our latest report, Bundle looked at U.S. food spending overall, with breakdowns of money spent on groceries and in restaurants. (Click here for a breakdown of U.S. cities' food spending in 2009, and read our story on what it all means.) Above, we investigated food spending for various age groups, income brackets, household status over the course of the year. The results challenge any preconceived notions about food spending as a constant, unvarying expense: Americans spent 33 percent less on groceries in February than in December; singles' food spending bounces up and down over the course of a year; and where we eat changes as we get older.

Our methodology is described in depth here. We encourage you to dig into the data for your demographic and city, and tell us how much you're spending, or saving, on food.

See the infographic above in high resolution here

About the artists: These data visualizations were created by Benjamin Wiederkehr, Christian Siegrist and Jeremy Stucki, founders of the Swiss design studio Interactive Things. They are also dedicated curators of the growing field of data visualization via, Tumblr, and Vimeo.

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