Infographic: Entertainment spending in the biggest U.S. cities

For our latest report, Bundle looked at spending in three discretionary categories: travel, cable and satellite and, above, entertainment. (Click here to read our story about what it all means.) Of note, when it comes to spending on entertainment:

Hollywood, Calif., the entertainment capital of the U.S., spends just $325 on entertainment, three times less than the top spending city, San Jose, Calif. ($1,304).

The city that most closely matches the U.S. household average on entertainment ($560) is Las Vegas ($569). 'Married couples without children' is the demographic group that matches the U.S. average the most at $561.

The state that spends the least on entertainment is Mississippi ($247), which spends nearly four times less than Massachusetts ($945), which spent the most last year.

Boston residents spent 102 percent more on entertainment ($1,257) than they did on hobbies ($623). By comparison, the average U.S. household spends 18 percent less on entertainment than it does on hobbies.

Single men making $40,000-$50,000 spent just 13 percent more than single women in the same salary range. Overall, single men spent 28 percent more than single women.

The top 10 spending cities for entertainment:

1. San Jose: $1,304
2. Boston: $1,257
3. Scottsdale: $1,257
4. Austin: $1,250
5. Arlington, Va.: $1,231
6. Saint Paul: $1,127
7. San Francisco: $1,116
8. Seattle: $1,084
9. Minneapolis: $979
10. Nashville: $940

And the bottom five:

5. Cleveland: $348
4. Tulsa: $302
3. Garland, Tex.: $220
2. Hialeah, Fla.: $193
1. Detroit: $139

Methodology: Bundle's numbers are compiled from data provided by Citi (one of Bundle's investors), as well as the U.S. government and third-party research. Here's a complete summary of how we highlight the data and what's included in each category. The Bundle Report's city rankings measured the household averages of top 100 cities by population, according to U.S. Census data.

About the artist: Christopher Pace is an interactive designer in Brooklyn, New York. In his spare time, he hunts zombies.

Hat tip: To Fitzgerald Analytics, data crunchers extraordinaire and friends of Bundle, who helped with this report.

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