Ice Cream Country: The Cities and States that Eat the Most Ice Cream in America

Photo by Snowpea&bokchoi

It’s the height of summer and National Ice Cream Month, and ice cream cravings are in full swing. While frozen yogurt and ice cream sales are active year round, summer sales spike: one of the best summer treats that helps beat the heat is an ice cold cone. Here at Bundle, we wanted to discover which places scream the most for ice cream.

To find out which American cities and states are ice cream-crazy – that is, which frequent their favorite ice cream stores most often and spend the most – we examined all households which had a credit card transaction at ice cream and frozen yogurt vendors. We then examined the total number of transactions and spend per city and ranked on a per capita basis.

If you're obsessed with ice cream, does your city or state follow in your sweet tooth footsteps? Find out below!

Topping our list for the most ice cream-crazy state in America is the District of Columbia, whose residents eat ice cream 85 percent more than the average American. The state is big on the dessert fad scene, ranging from cupcakes to macarons. Ever since President Obama took his daughters out for ice cream on Father’s Day to the famous Georgetown ice cream shop Thomas Sweet, D.C.ers have been knocking down its doors. From scoops to sandwiches to sundaes, Washington, D.C. knows exactly where to get the best ice cream in town. Find out which ice cream shops in the Capitol are the most popular.

Does it surprise you that Long Beach, CA is the number one ice cream-crazy city in America? Long Beachers eat ice cream a whopping 268 percent more than the average American. Southern California loves its ice cream, and because it's almost always summer weather there, they treat themselves often. Which ice cream shops are the best in Long Beach, CA?

As expected, Long Beach is the top ice cream-spending city as well, spending 1061 percent more than the average American! While it blows all other cities out of the water in terms of dollars spent, some other top spending ice cream cities are Fort Worth, TX at 225 percent above average, Dallas, TX at 209 percent above average, and Columbus, OH at 200 percent above average. However, even though Fort Worth is our second top spending city, residents don't buy ice cream often compared to Dallas, which came in third place. 

One city that surprised us: Anaheim, California. While this city spends 20 percent more on ice cream than the average American, these residents treat themselves below average. When these Californians go out for ice cream, they go all out.

Washington, D.C. is the biggest ice cream spending state as well as the most frequent ice cream eater. D.C.ers spend 92 percent more than average on ice cream, which is likely a combination of the generally high-priced city as well as frequency of purchase. Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Delaware are next on our top ice cream-spending states list, spending 80 percent, 66 percent, and 60 percent above average respectively. 

One state that surprised us: Utah. While it came in eighth place for our top ice icream-eating states, it spends below average -- almost 15 percent less than the average American. Looks like Utah residents love their ice cream, frugally. 

Baskin Robbins, one of the most popular and ubiquitous ice cream shops in America, is headquartered in Canton, M.A. The ice cream behemoth has 2,400 U.S. locations, and although it started out with just 31 flavors, it now has more than 1,000. Whether coincidental or not, Massachusetts is high on our list of top ice cream states in America, coming in at number four.

Interestingly, most of the top ice cream-crazy states are located along bodies of water: whether it’s the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Superior, or The Gulf of Mexico, states with beaches are where ice cream is most popular. Utah, which happens to be a top ice cream-crazy state not associated with a body of water, is where T.C.B.Y. is headquartered.

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