From BundleHQ: Do you hate rich people? Or just Carrie Bradshaw?

Yes, you're a very good dog. No, you cannot have a cupcake.

Sweet! The price of my sweet tooth just went up, reports Mike: Washington State has enacted a 7-cent tax on candy bars and gum, with a weird loophole that designates Three Musketeers a candy bar, but Milky Way a ... cookie? Anything with flour is not considered candy by the tax code, a distinction Greg could not accept at face value. Apparently this is the result of a historical battle between confectioners and bakers — confectioners got nuts, chocolate, and sugar. Bakers got flour and butter. So your Kit Kats are safe ... for now.

States replace tax refunds with store credit: I take back everything I ever said about how it's just fine to get a tax refund... Kate points out that some states are delaying refunds because of budget shortfalls, therefore punishing people who made that "interest-free loan to the government" in the first place. This, like flour in my Milky Way, is a crime against the natural order. And now, please excuse me while I go adjust my withholding.

Be a mensch, save money: When we asked about Memorial Day weekend overspending, food — and booze — crept in near the top of our small-splurge list. How'd Presh avoid those hefty bar tabs? By being the designated driver. He didn't spend money on alcohol, and he got his happily impaired friends home safely. Awesome on both counts. And, apparently, chicks dig a sober driver. (I saw it in a beer ad, so it must be true.)

Links. Gotta love 'em: Six months from now, will you be stressing over your Christmas shopping? Or will you be visiting the Sphinx? Do It While You're Young recommends the latter. Best new money-related band name: Let's Buy Happiness. Their music's not bad either. Stat of the day: $3,067 spent on internet porn every second. Courtesy of I Love Charts. Hey, thanks guys!

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Question of the Day: Do you hate rich people? OK, "hate" might be a strong word. But: has your tolerance for Carrie Bradshaw and other celebrations of conspicuous consumption waned since the recession? Comment or tweet #eattherich

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