Daily deals gone wrong: 7 stories


Photo by V'ron

Voucher Redemption Fee

In some cases, the way a business handles a voucher is largely beyond the control of the daily deal site that sold it in the first place.

Steve from San Antonio, Texas, paid $10 for a $25 voucher on LivingSocial for a meal at a soul food restaurant in the area assuming it was a good deal. But when he saw the bill after eating there, he immediately felt swindled. The waiter upped the price of the soup, entrée and dessert he ordered by $1 to $2 each, and even went so far as to add a $7 “coupon redemption fee,” something unheard of for the major daily deal sites.

“The net result is that they wanted to charge a total of $13 extra because I used the LivingSocial deal,” Steve told MainStreet. When he brought this up with the restaurant staff, they offered the sketchy explanation that these higher prices were based on a new menu that hadn’t been released just yet. “I pitched a fit and refused to pay anything more than what was on the menu. After much discussion, they finally relented and refigured the check by hand (using prices from the menu).”

Even so, when Steve got home later, he realized that the restaurant had managed to overcharge him by $2.