The Cost of Getting Ready


Photo courtesy of ℒaura Tourette's

Women spend nearly three years of their lives getting ready, according to Marie Claire, who reported on a survey conducted by Nephria. The makeup brand polled 3,000 of its users to find out just how long the average woman takes to primp herself. Here’s the breakdown of the survey’s findings:

- Before a big night out, women typically spend 22 minutes showering and shaving their legs
- They spend seven minutes moisturizing
- Women take 23 minutes to dry and style their hair
- They spend 14 minutes doing their makeup and
- Women spend six minutes getting dressed

As we all know, time is money. We at Bundle wondered how much it costs women to get ready for a big night out. If you're looking for budget-friendly makeup products, search for them here. To find out how much primping actually costs, we interviewed four women of varying ages from diverse backgrounds. Read on to discover how much your beauty routine could be costing you.