From BundleHQ: How much did your favorite piece of clothing cost you?

Between this new drink size that's the size of a human stomach and a new logo in the same month, Starbucks is reeking of an attention-grabbing little kid. (Not to mention the "Starbucks of the future"). I call for a blackout of all stories about Starbucks. Who is with me? Anyone? Bueller? Sigh, you're all at Starbucks, aren't you. (You are.)

Yesterday on Bundle:

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Kate Tormey got an iPad for Christmas (lucky lady!) but she's discovering a hidden cost of the new device: the app spending spree!

Question of the day:

I was folding my clothes today and decided to play favorites, and that's when I realized that my favorite article of clothing right now is a pair of $14 yoga pants from The Gap. I have spent a lot of money on a lot of clothes, but this is what it comes down to: some stretchy pants that make me look / feel skinny. What is your favorite piece of clothing, and how much did it cost? Answer here, on Facebook, or on Twitter #favpiece

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