The Best Cities to Pick Up Women, Statistically Speaking

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Sometimes a guy needs to go on vacation to get away from it all. Have some adventures, try some new food, and maybe, just maybe meet some local ladyfolk.

But in this economy—if meeting up with a gal while exploring the States is indeed your primary goal—you’ll want to spend your money strategically. Specifically, you’ll want to hit up destinations where you will have the absolute best chance of meeting an available lady. To help you on your search, Bundle’s army of MIT number nerds have dissected our data to find locales that will offer you the best mathematical odds to mingle.

For the purpose of this article, we’ve broken up the data to single out women aged 18-35 living in larger cities. This is not to say there aren’t beautiful, available women in different age demographics (there are!) as well as singles who live in small towns (we know you’re out there!). BUT we’re looking at huge swaths of data and we don’t want to point you in the direction of say, Century Village, a 7,000+ development in southern Florida where 62% of residents are female, but the average age is 77.7. Likewise, for our purposes, we can’t recommend that you swing by the town of Pippa Passes in eastern Kentucky where the population is 80% female with a median age of 21.1, but has a total population of only 297.

So, where are the available young women? A good place to start is where the most total people are. Following are the top five most populated U.S. cities, with demographic breakdowns courtesy of the 2010 Census (though we can't take into account sexual orientation or if any of these ladies would actually find you interesting). Additionally, we’ve also included demographically favorable bars courtesy of our Merchant Recommender, which culls data from billions of aggregated, anonymous credit card transactions across the country:

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New York City
8,175,133 total population; 52.5% female
1,135,893 females between 18 and 35
Try The Stanton Social: 19 percent of patrons are single ladies, 40% between 26 and 35

Los Angeles
3,792,621 total population; 50.2% female
516,700 females between 18 and 35
Try The Room: 13% of patrons are single ladies

2,695,598 total population; 51.5% female
405,025 females between 18 and 35
Try Casey Moran’s: 12% of patrons are young, hip fashionistas

2,099,451 total population; 49.9% female
282,376 females between 18 and 35
Try West Alabama Ice House: 52% of patrons are singles

1,526,006 total population; 53.5% female
222,805 females between 18 and 35
Try McCrossens Tavern: 50% of patrons are singles

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Of course, one thing these particular numbers don’t account for is marital status. Statistically speaking, your best bet would be to hit up a town that has the highest percentage of unmarried women. broke down the demographic data to find the cities with the highest percentage of unmarried women between 18 and 35 (with at least 10,000 in this group). And, as you might imagine, those with the highest percentage all tended to be college towns outside of large metropolitan areas. Here’s a breakdown of their top five:

State College, PA (Penn State)
89.3% of females are unmarried, aged 18 to 35
Total Population: 42,035; 46% female
Try Indigo Nite Club: 90 (very good) Bundle Score

Amherst, MA (Amherst College, Hampshire College, University of Massachusetts Amherst)
87.7% of females are unmarried, aged 18 to 35
Total Population: 36,246; 51.9% female
Try Stackers Pub: 27% of patrons are 26–35

East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)
85.2% of females are unmarried, aged 18 to 35
Total Population: 48,579; 51.5% female
Try Rick’s Café: 97 Bundle Score, 29% of patrons 18-25

Chapel Hill, NC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
85% of females are unmarried, aged 18 to 35
Total Population: 57,233; 53.4% female
Try Whiskey: 57% of patrons are 18-35

Charlottesville, VA (University of Virginia)
83% of females are unmarried, aged 18 to 35
Total The X Lounge: 56% of patrons are singles, 47% are under the age of 35

But perhaps skulking around college towns or hitting up a big metropolitan city and hoping for the best is not your thing. Keep in mind that these are, of course, just numbers, which don’t tell us anything about these women. There are lots of single women in a convent, but you won’t be picking any of them up anytime soon.

Of course, another way to find a connection while on vacation is to go where other vacationers rendezvous. According to a survey from (a travel dating web site that pairs “attractive” and “generous” travelers), 40% of respondents admitted to having a one-night fling while on vacation, while 10% admitted to having five or more lovers during a week’s holiday. So, congregate with other travelers on tours and cruises. Check out local travel agencies in your area for more information.

When it comes to making a connection, who needs looks, personality, and money when you have math on your side?

Ladies: We've got you covered. Stay tuned for our next piece on the best cities to pick up men, statistically speaking.


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