Are America’s Sexiest Cities Also The Fittest?

Photo courtesy of phlubdr

Staying fit and looking good are two things many Americans put as high priorities in their lives. From gyms to beauty stores, there are a plethora of merchants that provide ways in which we can stay (or become more) attractive. We at Bundle already found out which cities in America were the fittest and sexiest, but we wanted to know: Do America’s sexiest cities and fittest cities correlate? Find out below.

The number one sexiest and fittest city in America is Chicago, IL, which came in at number one on our Sexiest Cities list and number two on our Fittest Cities list. Looking for the best gym deals in your area? Search for them here. A large part of the Chicago population is physically active – 22 percent above average to be exact. Not only do they work out often, they spend a lot when they sweat; Chicago residents shell out 83 percent above the national average on working out. People who live in the Windy City also spend a whopping 244 percent above average on their looks, meaning they shop often at cosmetic and fragrance stores, lingerie and hosiery stores, and nail and hair salons. And it's not only women who spend on perfume, lingere, and nail care: Chicago men like to treat their women, and even like to get man-icures themselves. All in all, Chicago residents certainly take pride in their appearance. Buy quality cosmetics without spending a bundle here

The next city that caught our eye was Dallas, TX. Ranking as our number one fittest city in America, Dallas ranked as the number 10 sexiest city. Keep in mind that while the number 10 may seem not-so-sexy at first glance, we examined the top 100 largest cities in the nation, which puts Dallas in the top ten percent. Dallas’s population works out 24 percent above average, and Big D fitness fiends spend 139 percent above average on exercise. Those who tone up do it in style. Dallas’s residents also spend 34 percent above average on looking sexy. Other top sexy cities in Texas: Austin came in at number two, Arlington was number eight, and Plano was number eleven. Plano, TX also came in at number five for Fittest Cities. Bottom line: people in Texas are lookin’ good.

Let’s take a look at those cities which aren’t so concerned with their looks. Spokane, WA came in last place on our list of sexiest cities in America, spending over 60 percent less than the national average on their looks. Spokane also ranked 91st on our Fittest Cities list; its population frequents the gym over 35 percent less than the national average. This outdoorsy city boasts Manito Park, Green Bluff, and the Centennial Trail, so it's likely Spokane residents are too busy enjoying their beautiful surroundings to hit the gym or spend time pampering themselves.

Chesapeake, VA residents also spend their time and money on other things besides working out and looking good. Spending over 60 percent less than the national average on fitness and pampering, perhaps Chesapeake residents prefer to be out exploring the dynamic coastal Virginia region: nearby protected forests and wetlands provide great gym alternatives, including hiking and kayaking.

Take a look at our Sexiest Cities and Fittest Cities infographics to see if you can spot any other cities that stand out!