6 Private Islands Available for Under $100,000


Image courtesy of Shodan

3. Little Monkey Caye

Asking Price: $55,000
Location: Monkey River, Belize
Acreage: 0.75 acres

At only $55k, this island is probably truthfully advertised as "by far the cheapest island in the Caribbean." And as for the name, there are no "little monkeys," it just happens to be tiny and located near the mouth of the Monkey River, a coastal watercourse in southern Belize (which is itself surrounded by many howler monkeys on the mainland).

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From the pictures, Little Monkey Caye appears to be little more than beautiful sandbar, so this may not be quite a live-on situation (especially as you are dead in the sites of hurricanes each season). However, the tiny property may be able to link in to the popular Monkey River tours.

Note: The above picture is not a picture of Little Monkey Caye. The island is so small that we were not able to locate it on any of the major satellite mapping services.