13 Things You Pay For That You Should be Getting For Free


Photo by 401K 2012

There are few things more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free. From smartphones to restaurant food, there are certain categories that are regularly flush with gratis promotions. So next time your whip out your wallet, consider first if that purchase should come at no cost to you.

Craigslist, Ebay, and Freecycle are worth checking out before you make any large purchase. You'll likely find used goods on these sites, and it thereby goes almost without saying that you should make sure any and all items are in working order and in good shape — you don't want to be hauling away another person's junk for free.

DATA: See how your neighbors are spending their money

Saving money is a great thing. Saving money and acquiring goods and services for free is even better. Let this list of 13 things you shouldn't be paying for ring in your head the next time you head to the store (or jump online) to buy, well, just about anything. Your wallet will thank you.

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